Excem Real Estate, the real estate division of Excem Group (Hatchwell Family) is developing specialized investment vehicles for young people “millennials” in three areas since August 2016: student and young professional shared flats; “hostels”, to cover the demand for accommodation and leisure for young travellers; and “coworking” spaces, to enable them to develop their career aspirations in collaborative environments. In these initiatives Excem co-invests in each of the business projects.

You are developing Excem Socimi Residential. What is your business model and the specific target audience?

Our added value is that we are a business model, not specifically a real estate company. In Homiii, the manager for the accommodation of students and young professionals, we combine a specialized form of residential real estate investment and the professionalization of accommodation for students and young professionals. In Homiii, stressing that it has three i’s, which means “I live”, “I study”, “I work”, we create a space for coexistence, a way of living today. This is a high-demand, unprofessionalised sector that needs our added value. We see the accommodation of students and young professionals as an activity with high growth potential, beyond the already known model of student residences.

For your investors, can you tell us about your investment objectives and magnitudes?

We could differentiate what we have already achieved for our existing investors and what we will do for new investors. We were established in August 2016 and in May 2018 we went to MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil). Our initial investors will have a revaluation of their investment of 50% plus dividends. New investors will have a dividend scenario between 3% and 5%.

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