Excem Socimi Residencial has reached 30 million euros in asset value in its almost two years. With a share capital of 12 million euros, Excem Socimi Residencial has launched the Homiii brand to rent shared flats for students and young professionals, millennials.

Excem’s company estimates an initial value of 1.4 euros per share, which will represent a 40 percent increase in value for current shareholders. Its new capital increase of 4.1 million euros in March is backed by the confidence of a total of 40 investors.

Homiii (www.homiii.com) buys residential properties that are characterized by their location in the most centric areas of the cities, the quality of the property – renovated, decorated and equipped – and their design – comfort and functionality-.

This professional rental management has focused its efforts in Madrid in this first stage. With only 20 months of walking, the company has 40 apartments purchased, 252 rooms under management for the 2018-2019 academic year distributed in the neighborhoods of Moncloa, Chamberí, Centro and Salamanca.

The CEO of HOMIII and head of Excem Socimi Residencial, Antonio Mochón, explains that they are “very satisfied” with the results achieved. “We have created a project from zero, and today we have incorporated 40 highly qualified investors who have contributed more than 12 million euros,” he said.

In addition, he highlighted that they have served “more than 400 clients with 80% satisfaction with the quality of the apartments and the added value”. “The young people feel part of the HOMIII community because we have offered them much more than they needed. We are specialists in providing value to investors and clients in a market where we see more demand than qualified and professional supply,” he says.

The aim is to reach over 3,000 rooms in some of the main cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Santiago de Compostela. The strategic plan of this business model is to close 2019 with an investment of 70 million euros and to reach 300 million in the coming years with the expansion in Spain.

Monchón indicates that one of his challenges has been to achieve security for the investor: “6% gross return, 40% share appreciation, 0% non-performing loans and 100% commercial occupancy”.

“We understand our business project as a very specialized business model, and therefore we are managing to provide value for shareholders and professional management for the client. We have achieved great stability in the generation of income and security for the investor”, he explains.

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