The student accommodation company collaborates with the Profuturo initiative, which offers training courses in some African countries, and the Balia Foundation, which works with children from dysfunctional families.

Excem Socimi Sir turns accommodation into solidarity. The student accommodation socimi collaborates with social entities through the project Homiii 1€ of future. “The idea of the project is that young people with resources help young people without resources,” explained Antonio Mochón, CEO of Excem Socimi Sir, to EjePrime.

Through Homiii 1€ of future, the company donates one euro for each room rented to solidarity projects. Currently, the company has 300 rented rooms, thus it donates 300 euros per month to these projects. The company’s goal is to reach 4,000 bedrooms by 2021.

Currently, the Company donates 300 euros per month to solidarity projects

The company collaborates with the Profuturo initiative of the Telefónica Foundation, with which training courses are given to Africa. Specifically, Excem Socimi Sir, through Homiii 1€ for the future, has sponsored training courses for between twenty and one hundred young people in Malanje, Angola.

The company is also collaborates with a project of the Balia Foundation in Tetúan, Madrid. This foundation collects the children from the generally dysfunctional families of the school and looks after them in the afternoon, giving them snacks and helping them with their homework. Specifically, Excem Socimi Sir supports the project helping children between four and six years old.

The company also offers to support and welcome some of the children of these families in their projects, as students doing internships. From summer onwards, Excem Socimi Sir will offer accommodation to volunteers from the Badía Foundation at cheaper rates.

Original Media: EjePrime