Antonio Mochón, CEO of EXCEM SIR, has taken the example of EXCEM SOCIMI SIR as a business model specialized in shared flats for young students and professionals to Radio Intereconomia in its real estate forum. There he has announced what is the first niche reit that is listed in the MAB. With their audited data is already a benchmark of coliving in Spain, specifically in the management of professional rental of shared flats.

Transparency, management control and profitability

Reits have changed the rental market and specifically, the residential one, in which EXCEM SOCIMI SIR develops its activity. Transparency, control of the management of real estate and the distribution of dividends are the key characteristics of these new corporate forms. It is a new type of investment, which is attracting the attention of investors because it guarantees long-term stability and profitability.

Reits set in the market the profitability of real estate investment with management controlled by the company. They are specialized in a specific market niche, or opt for the concentration of real estate. Investors, after an analysis of their interests, can choose where to invest. For Mochón, another of the added values ​​of the reits, is the permanence of the real estate in its location. The investment in the renovation of the real estate units improves the quality of the market.

Investment model focused on a niche market

“Citizens will be able to develop their entire lives in reits”, has been a phrase that has appeared throughout the gathering. This is what EXCEM Real Estate believes, which divides its business into the concepts of coliving, hospitality and coworking.

From EXCEM SOCIMI SIR we contribute a differential value: we are specialists in the integral management of the rent of shared flats for students and young professionals. “We are located among private rental homes, where the advertisement on Internet has nothing to do with what you find when you visit it, and student residences, with a different lifestyle than an apartment.” In addition, Antonio Mochón, as a member of the management team of the Association of Reits, defends the dissemination and explanation of the reality of reits, so that the public can understand what their business is, why it is important to go out to MAB and the guarantees offered by this investment vehicle.