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We professionalize and are leaders of this business model

490,000 university students and young professionals come to Spain every year looking for a safe, comfortable and well-located environment that allows them to develop academically and professionally. EXCEM SOCIMI SIR shares this journey with them.

We are experts in residential investment for housing of students and young professionals – Millennials.

uses a comprehensive model of management to guarantee the results of EXCEM SOCIMI SIR

Homiii has professionalized the rental market for students and young professionals, providing a great added value to the client. Homiii is a project that offers the rental of rooms for students and young professionals in excellent quality and located buildings in the cities where Homiii is present; with state of the art technological equipment –high-speed WiFi – and video streaming services such as Netflix to meet the needs of our clients.

Homiii’s differentiating factor is the comprehensive service it provides, professionalizing management. Not only does Homiii provide room rental service, but it is also aligned with the client to make them feel comfortable at all times while promoting activities according to their likings.

We are an integral part of our clients’ life experience. We understand what the millennial wants with respect to their individual way of life, the way of living together and the search for finding vital life experiences. Through the Homiii community, we create and promote activities according to the tastes of our clients, which are then publicized through our blogs and social networks.

The Homiii community helps training programs through our projects like  1€ of Future, in which young people with resources help those without them.


We are the response to the demand of students and young professionals who move to large cities and want to share.


We developed this business model by investing in residential properties in city centers, creating a stable and secure value for the investor.


Renovated, shared apartments specially designed to provide freedom and socializing opportunities for students and young professionals.

Listing on MAB – Alternative Market

In order to professionalize and become the sector leader, we listed on the MAB (Madrid Stock Exchange Alternative Market) in July 2018

Direct Investment

For direct investment, it is necessary to use the ticker YEXR required by Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB). Feel free to ask us any questions you have on the process by filling in the form below.

Investment Advice

Contact our experts by writing to info@excemsir.com, calling (+34) 91 990 85 78 , or completing the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


To invest directly it is necessary to use the purchase code of security (Ticker): YEXR required by Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB). Feel free to ask us any questions you have by filling in the form below.

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